Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Silent Matzav

Matzav is thinking about removing their comments section. That will end up boring the heck out of people. But I understand why they are doing it. Many of their commenters have made some embarrassingly stupid comments. Some of them generating a real Chilul HaShem. On the other hand they have been an excellent resource providing me with material for some of my better posts!

It probably serves the greater good if they just cut that out and make it a Jewish news website. But will it reduce their readership? I think so. But I'm not sure it will reduce it significantly. I have no clue what their hit count is. But I think it's probably pretty high. It's going to go down.

The better solution for them would to better monitor the comments and not allow as many of them to be approved. But it's their call (or the call of their Poskim).

Anyway... I wish them Hatzlacha no matter which way they go.

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