Monday, May 24, 2010

We Will Fill the Jails

Protestors were arrested to the tune of dozens of detainees. Including a Chasidic Rebbe Rav Avraham Chanun Shlita. Their response? “We will fill the jails!” …as if to say we wear these arrests as a badge of honor.

Baruch HaShem. The Chasidim of Meah Shearim are finally co-operating. I firmly believe that we should honor their wishes and arrest as many of these Charedi looking gang members as participate in the disruption of society.

What’s more Edah HaCharedis head HaGaon HaRav Y. T. Weiss Shlita will be leading another protest in Jerusalem. Hopefully he will be arrested too.

Ma Rabu Ma’asecha HaShem!

If all the jails fill up in Israel with these thugs I hear Guantanamo will soon be available. I hope that the Obama administration will have the common decency to offer it to the Israelis.

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