Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Charedi MKs Are Guilty of Chilul HaShem!

The Satmar Rebbe addressing a crowd of followers last Sunday night
I didn't say that. The Satmar Rebbe just did (last Sunday) at a rally attended by over 10,000 people. It was held at his request at Kikkar Shabbat - located in Jerusalem's Geula neighborhood. Here are some more excerpts courtesy of Ynet:
"The disease of Zionism has spread, and it must be fought in every way possible," said Rabbi Teitelbaum, quoting rabbis and rebbes of the recent generations who spoke out against Zionism. "Every place Zionists arrived at, they created horrible destruction," he added.
"there is no stricter prohibition in the Torah than participating in the elections. The ideas of Zionism include all the heresy and apostasy. Refuting the decree of the Diaspora, Providence and the coming of the Messiah… "The government is apostasy and heresy, and a revolt against God's divinity," he added, "and those who help enter the government are part of it, accessories. This must not be done under any circumstances."
"How can a Jew who stood on Mount Sinai violate the oath he committed to there? What the haredi representatives are doing at the Knesset is a great defamation of God. A great destruction. There is no greater defamation of God… It leads to the hatred of Jews in the entire world."
"The Zionists came from the seed of Amalek. There has never been such a sect that caused so much damage to the Jewish people… Seclusion saved Jerusalem from being the remote city, like all other cities swept away by the impure state…
"We did not see in the entire Torah a greater offense than voting in the elections, which cancels the entire Torah," he added. "I am certain that all the rabbis who permitted (voting for Knesset) in the past, would admit today that they made a fatal mistake.
"We see the activity of the haredi representatives, which is against the Torah. The Israeli parliament is like Pharaoh's parliament. Whoever votes in the elections sends representatives to this Amalek parliament… This is a riffraff government. The Zionists are real Amaleks, and therefore every Jew must engage in an all-out war against them."
"We are not afraid of those who are against the Torah, but of those who are allegedly trying to help the Torah – but not through holy means," he said.
This - my friends - is what I'm talking about. I don't see how any religious Jew, no matter how right wing can tolerate this kind of rhetoric. How can this man be so honored? How can this group ever be spoken of in the glowing terms one often hears about them?


  1. Who honors him so much, besides his Chassidim (not his brother's...) and groups which have an agenda to support his views?

  2. Over 10,000 people honored him in Kikkar Shabbat last Sunday night - as did Mishpacha Magazine who did a very flattering cover story on him last week.

    1. The 10,000 people are mainly from the Eda HaChareidis - that is what I meant when I said "groups which have an agenda to support his views."
      About Mishpacha, I agree with you.

  3. This is a prime example of the pathology that exists among many chareidim. And another reason more frum Jews will go off the derech.

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