Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Reincarnation of Pope John the 23rd?

The Pope in Shul - Photo credit: Forward
I am really liking this pope. Just about everything I am hearing about him is good. Especially his attitude towards the Jewish people and his relationship with the Jewish people of Argentina when he was the Arch Bishop there.

Not to mention his honesty about the Catholic Church's role during the Holocaust. Not having been in Europe and hearing all the accusations against - and defenses of it, he just doesn't know what to believe. He has therefore said he willing to open up the Vatican archives to find out the truth. Which he says is imperative. From the Forward:
“Opening the archives of the shoah seems reasonable,” the future pope says. “Let them be opened and let everything be cleared up. Let it be seen if they could have done something [to help] and until what point they could have helped. If they made a mistake in any aspect of this we would have to say, ‘We have erred.’ We don’t have to be scared of this- the truth has to be the goal.”
Wow. This pope may actually be a throwback to Pope John the 23rd - perhaps the man most responsible for Vatican II which changed the 2000 year old paradigm of latent Antisemitism based on Jews as Christ killers to one of near brotherhood.


  1. It looks like he's wearing one of those black suede yarmulkas. Pretty hip; some people might think he's RWMO.

  2. Regarding the speculation regarding the Pope's selection of the name Francis, perhaps his source was the Rosh HaKollel of the Chicago Community Kollel:

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