Thursday, April 29, 2010

Are Ashkenazi Charedim Racist?

If this story in YWN doesn’t say it all, nothing does:

“In chareidi education, we don’t accept Sephardim, monkeys, Russians and Ethiopians”.

This was a comment supposedly in jest made by Jerusalem Councilman Yitzchak Pindrus who is himself Charedi.

There’s more:

When questioned regarding the incident on Wednesday by Haaretz, Pindrus is quoted as stating, “The readers of Haaretz are not my constituency so I have no interest in even apologizing.”

Although there were witnesses to the remark he later denied making it.


What was that about Ashkenazi Charedim and prejudice against Sephardim? Did someone say it doesn’t exist? …That a segregation case against a Beis Yaakov in Emmanuel pending before the Israeli courts is a nothing more than an attempt for the government to get a foothold in the Charedi educational system? …That the Agudah Moetzes in Amercia is screaming bloody murder about – calling it interference by the secular government into religious Charedi education – which ‘we must fight with all our strength’?

Hello? I can’t hear you…!

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