Monday, April 26, 2010

No Need to Apologize, General

You know, I really think Abe Foxman ought to get a life. He was apparently upset by a Jewish joke made during an address to the Washington Institute for Near East Policy - by Jim Jones, National Security Advisor to the President. If one reads the joke, it is actually pretty funny. But Abe Foxman thought it was anti-Semitic.

Have we lost our ability to laugh at ourselves? This joke is what bothers Mr. Foxman?!

Please! There is no way that a joke like this is sourced in anti Semitism. I have heard anti Semitic jokes. This one doesn’t come close.

That General Jones felt he had to apologize is a very sad commentary on the hyper-sensitivity of people like Mr. Foxman. He should know a lot better than that. If anyone should know what real anti-Semitism entails it is the heads of the anti defamation League, Abe Foxman. Making an issue about this is foolish and counterproductive.

There are a lot of things to worry about with respect to the Obama administration that are legitimate issues for us – such as the President’s foreign policy decisions. Or the Presidents recent rather shabby treatment of the Israeli Prime Minister, or his warming up to the Arabs and cooling off to Israel. And his lack of a plan to deal with Iran now that his diplomatic efforts have proven fruitless.

If Mr. Foxman wants to worry about something these are a few of the things he ought to be thinking about. But this joke? Give me a break!

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