Monday, July 26, 2010

Oliver Stone - Fool!

What a moron!

Ever since his idiotic movie JFK I had always though Oliver Stone had smoked one dubie too many. Hence his last name is Stone. It should have a 'd' placed at the end of it to more accurately reflect his usual state of mind.) Now I'm certain of it. The Jews control the media and therefore there is no open debate about the holocaust? Is he out of his mind?! Either that or he is clearly an anti Semite.

It isn't that some of his comments aren't valid. Of course the holocaust is a lot more complex than blaming the whole thing on one man - Adolf Hitler. But to say that Jews prevent that kind of discussion is as ridiculous as his conclusions about conspiracies everywhere he looks.

Thank God the vast majority of American people see this guy for the idiot that he is. Unfortunately there is a sizable minority that actually listen to morons like this as though they really know something. But as I said they are a small minority. Nonetheless whenever idiotic statements like this come out by prominent figures - they cannot go unchallenged. They have to be put in their proper place - the trashcan!

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