Monday, July 28, 2008

Vantage Point

I rented a movie last night called Vantage Point. It was about a terrorist plot surrounding an American President attending some sort of peace initiative with Arab leaders in Spain.

The presentation of the story line and plot was somewhat novel. It kept repeating the opening scenes where the President is seen being shot which was followed by some explosions. But each time the scene repeated it was from a different character’s perspective. And with each new repetition the timeline was a bit longer and more of the story and plot was revealed.

This movie was definitely action packed. It contained one of the best chase scenes ever filmed. Its PG13 rating was probably for violence and language. And as it was used in this picture, the language was relatively mild by movie standards. And there was absolutely no nudity or even immodestly dressed women in it.

Over-all though, it was a pretty forgettable picture. Nothing of substance there. A few plot twists here and there but very little character development.

Despite the gimmicky way it was presented I was left feeling flat. If I hadn’t seen a whole bunch of other action pictures like this before, maybe I would have enjoyed it more. I had a sort of ‘been there - done that’ feeling by the end of the film ...and felt that I could have found better ways to spend my time. But it wasn’t terrible either. For kids aged 12 and up… I think they’d love it. This movie got great reviews, if I recall correctly. I give it a B-.

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