Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Jewish American Heritage Month

The President of the United States - Photo credit: Reuters via Jerusalem Post
It's always nice to hear a good word about the Jewish people from the President of the United States. And we hear it once again today on May 1st, 2013 - the start of Jewish American Heritage Month. Yet another holiday for Jews to observe. Who knew? :)

It was apparently established by congress in 2006. Somehow, that one got by me.Here is what the President said as quoted in the Jerusalem Post (JTA)
"Jewish immigrants from all over the world wove new threads into our cultural fabric with rich traditions and indomitable faith, and their descendants pioneered incredible advances in science and the arts," Obama said Tuesday in declaring May as Jewish American Heritage Month. "Teachings from the Torah lit the way toward a more perfect Union, from women's rights to workers' rights to the end of segregation."
Among other Jewish American contributions, Obama listed "scientists and teachers, public servants and private citizens, wise leaders and loving parents."
He said Americans could see Jewish "accomplishments in every neighborhood, and we see them abroad in our unbreakable bond with Israel that Jewish Americans helped forge."

Yay us!

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