Friday, May 24, 2013

Picture from a Wedding

I do not get Chasidus. What makes all these people want to look like clones of each other? Why is there such an attraction to a Rebbe? Why do they venerate him so much - as though he were near God-like! This picture is an enigma to me... as is all of Chasidus. Cannot figure them out at all. What does anyone who becomes a part of this world really gain?

This picture depicts a Chasidic Kallah doing a Mitzvah Tanz. She stands there - face fully covered (including her eyes), standing straight, not moving a muscle while holding on to a very long rope or belt while Chasidim are asked one at a time to come up and 'dance' with her while holding the other end of the rope. What in heaven's name are they doing? Why is this done? What kind of holiness does this represent? ... at the wee hours of the morning?!


  1. I have a litivishe neshama. I did not have mitzvah tantz at my wedding and I have only ever attended one such event. I do not have any rational explanation or understanding of the mitzvah tantz and frankly it seems untzniusdik.

    Still, watching the below linked video of the late Bobover Rebbe zt"l dancing at his great-grandaughters mitzva tantz, raised goosebumps on my arms and brought tears to my eyes. I cannot explain why.

    (the mitzvah tantz starts at 2:45)

  2. I'll tell you why. You saw an elderly leader participating in a Minhag he considers holy with his great grand-daughters. He was a holocaust survivor and by all accounts a good man. That he survived to re-build his Chasidus and celebrate such Nachas is a repudiation of all that Hitler stood for. This is something we can all feel 'goosebumpy' about.

    All this however does not explain how Chasdidm in this day and age can be so 'Rebbe' centered.

  3. "Why is there such an attraction to a Rebbe? Why do they venerate him so much - as though he were near God-like!"
    The Idea behind it is that through being mekusher to a rebbe who is mekusher to hashem, one is mekusher to Hashem. The rebbe is the middle man between Hashem and the chassidim.

    Anyone who grew up as a litvak will never completely understand why chassidim are the way they are.

  4. Well... there ought to be some way of explaining it - besides saying that this is how they were raised.

    And how do you explain those who were not raised in Chasidus being drawn to it?