Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Portrait of a Hero

Charles Ramsey
A true American hero, Charles Ramsey saved 3 young women yesterday - ending a 10 year long captivity. As he was passing by the huose they were in he heard one of the young captives banging on the door of the house where they had been held captive screaming for help. He immediately went to the door and asked what was wrong.

The young captive said that she had been kidnapped 10 years ago and was being held captive in that house by three brothers.  He asked why she didn't just come out. She answered that the door was locked and she couldn't open it. He broke through from the outside and set them free. The men who held them captive have been arrested.

What is remarkable about this man is that he is a black man in a white neighborhood acting alone under suspicious circumstances. This would not have been the first time that a black man would be looked at as some sort of out of place violent criminal bent on doing harm to 'white folk'. Mr. Ramsey nevertheless put the welfare of those women ahead of his own without giving it a second thought... and ended a 10 year ordeal - not only for those women, but of their families who no doubt had little hope of ever seeing their loved ones alive again.

My hat is off to this man. A truly selfless individual who should set an example for all of us.

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